Well folks, the time is upon us…the season of gratitude, appreciation and love. Here at Duck’s there is always something to talk about, from fantastic designs to equipment innovation, deals & steals, pool time fun and everything in between but today, during this special time, all we want to say is THANK YOU!

Throughout the year we have had the pleasure of working on a vast number of pools and tubs. From the Green to Clean to weekly service, the small repair to the full equipment replacement and much, much more.Every project we have worked on has been a pleasure. That’s not to say it is always easy! As with most things in life some projects run to plan and other present unexpected challenges and bumps in the road and we choose to reflect and learn. As our company grows we consistently take time to learn from the challenges we are presented with and so we must appreciate them just as we do the triumphs. Every ripple in the pool shows us something new and thus bumps our learning and experience to another level.

We feel it important to express our gratitude to our loyal customers, those of you who have welcomed us into your space, trusted us to best advise you and allowed us to do our best work. Thank you! And to those of you so kind as to leave us reviews, we deeply appreciate the time and effort taken to let others know how satisfied you are with our services, because of you, we are able to grow and serve even more families.

At a time where business is competitive and finding great people can be tough we are pleased and grateful that we have found some wonderful and talented people to work with. Distributors, manufacturers, other industry professionals and more, all of these people contribute to the success of our company for our clients.

Finally we want to thank family. Directly related or not, near or far, business or personal. We are eternally grateful that we are part or your lives and you of ours. Thanksgiving is the time when we should and do, openly share our gratitude and love for the things that help us to be successful and happy. We are so privileged to be in the position we are in, doing what we love, growing professionally and serving others. In times of uncertainty we can be certain of this…we have great reason to be thankful and are blessed to be able to share that with you.